Darcy Copeland

Darcy Copeland is a Chicago based composer, performer, improvisor, and writer whose work is inspired by tactile experimentation that moves between the visceral and the ethereal. Described as “rare and pure”, “marvelous”, and “especially effective” (Cacophony), her work is often motivated by a philosophical curiosity and desire to ask questions about the human experience. Recently, her work has focused on themes of vulnerability, brutality, and an exploration of humanity and coping mechanisms. Her work is informed by improvisation and is influenced by her experience as a vocalist, flutist, and cellist. Her research interests include exploring the physical embodiment of sound as well as the dichotomy of live electronics and human performance in an interactive, responsive context.

Darcy is co-founder of Wire+ with composer and guitarist Drew Farrar, a duo focused on performing improvisational and experimental works for electric guitar and contact mic’d cello with effects pedals. She is also an active presence in Chicago's contemporary music scene, working for groups such as Ensemble Dal Niente and Spektral Quartet, and frequently collaborating with performers and composers on a multitude of projects. She has recently been a composer-in-residence at Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity's EQ: Evolution of the String Quartet program, working with Elixir Baroque String Quartet under the guidance of Chaya Czernowin, Zosha Di Castri, and Eybler Quartet. She has recently been featured on Adam Shead’s Impro Jam Anniversary Compilation CD, which can be found here.

photo by Kathryn Ewa

photo by Kathryn Ewa

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