even the words that we are speaking now (2018)

“Even the words that we are speaking now thieving time has stolen away, and nothing can return”. —Horace, Odes

This piece was written for, and premiered by, ~Nois saxophone quartet in September of this year at Constellation, Chicago. The piece is for four soprano saxophones. The work was inspired by the passage above, found as a preface to the first chapter of Carlo Rovelli’s The Order of Time. It was this idea of time being something that is taken from us, and the knowledge that each moment is fleeting and fragile, that drove the narrative of the piece.

String Quartet No. 1 (2018)

Written for Elixir Baroque String Quartet during my time at Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity in July, 2018 (premiered July 27). This piece began from a desire to write something I considered beautiful, and ended up becoming a representation and contextualization of how we come to understand and appreciate beautiful things; for their rarity, their struggle, their fragility. 

She Holds the Sun In Her Mouth (2018)

This piece was written for friend and mezzo-soprano Micah Gleason and harpist Ben Melsky. The piece utilizes organic and restricted vocal sounds, breath, and delicate techniques for the harp, and is a representation of the silencing or destruction of oneself.

vocal max/msp experiment no. 1 (2018)

This short work is one of my first experiments with a newly created max/msp patches I created for fun. Improvising with my own voice, I created a dense soundscape with real time re-harmonization.

all is well, but there is a virus in my brain and it is eating me alive (2016)

This piece was written in 2016 for alto flute (Shanna Gutierrez), viola (Ammie Brod), and harp (Claire Happel). It has since been adapted to substitute the viola for cello in 2018, however the above recording is the from the first performance in 2016.